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Portal Development

The Online social networks have provided amazing power to individuals to access content, interaction, sharing information and communication with individuals and groups.

Every community, social network, collaboration space, online event is different; this means that growing a booming online social network requires social know-how as well as technical skill.

  • The first step is to perform a needs analysis and consideration, we start with your business reasons, your customer or constituent, your value proposition and the experience that would deliver it, and derive a plan that covers the interlocking technical, social, and marketing infrastructures necessary for growing successful online social networks as preferred.
  • At the end of the assessment period, NEW VISION INFO TECH presents a draft Community Software Requirement Specification and Action Plan. This Community Software Requirement Specification is meant to be a living document that is built flexibly enough to adapt to changing circumstances your online social network may face.
  • NEW VISION INFO TECH assembles a team of experts who have knowledge of your particular subject domain or market segment, along with experience in organizational development, training, and online facilitation. We work together with your teams to launch, grow, and keep your online social networks strong.
  • The goals and purpose of all social networks are unique and should be treated differently; we can develop customized features to best accommodate your needs. We have a proven track record in developing Social commerce sites, Business networks- B2B, B2C, business social network, Community networks, Dating sites, Online Matchmaking, Yellow pages, Content distribution portals and Alumni Networks.
  • In the knowledge economy, it is a strategic advantage to know how, why, when, and among whom to use appropriate online communication media. NEW VISION INFO TECH's expertise in developing social network platforms in last 4-5 years has enabled clients to market innovative applications in the market.
  • Before even the success of social networks concepts, NEW VISION INFO TECH had adopted Social network platform development as one of the core domain areas of business. Today we are qualified and capable of assisting the custom design and development of the online social network segment of the client site, including the combination of the site's community, content, and commerce components.
  • NEW VISION INFO TECH provides all the support services you need to nourish your virtual community or online social network until it is self-sustaining, we maintain the efficiency of the working of your site and update it in accordance to the changing trend around it.

New Vision Info Tech offers its experience to build interactive, modern & professional portal solutions for their clients. New Vision Info Tech offer portal development solutions according to customized requirements of clients, to various industry i.e.

  • Job portal Development
  • Entertainment Portal Development
  • B2B portal development
  • B2C portal development
  • E-commerce Portal
  • Shopping Cart Portal Development
  • Enterprise Portals
  • Corporate Intranet Portals
  • Online Travel portal
  • JOB Site Web Portal
  • Knowledge Portal Development
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